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Burst Pipe – Watermain renewal Ashmore Gold Coast

We were called to this property in Ashmore for a burst pipe.  There were no signs of water on the property but the owner had a high water usage notice from the council notifying of a increase in water usage.

We carried out some tests including

  • a pressure test of the water supply
  • visual inspection of all toilets, taps and fixtures
  • visual inspection of the property
  • check of the water meter

From these tests we confirmed a water leak on the supply pipework. We carried out leak location on the property and found multiple leaks under the concrete driveway. This had been an ongoing issue for the customer for a few years with other plumbers carrying out repairs time and time again, the pipework was over 40 years in age. We traced the water entry points to the house and worked out an option for a re-run of the water service as this would be a long term fix for the client rather than a temporary patch.

We provided a quote which the customer informed us was equivalent to two of the previous leak repairs. So a much more economical option for our client.

We booked in the works and carried this out the following day. The works involved.

– cutting the concrete across the driveway.

– carefully removing the turf and excavating a trench for our new pipe.

– our pipe was laid in sand and connected to the water feed into the house and the supply pipework at the water meter, this was then pressure tested.

–  we re-concreted the driveway backfilled our pipe and carefully reinstated the turf.

Our client was very happy with the end result and commented that it did not look like we had even been there.


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