The Plumbing Doctor (Queensland) is able to provide you with the full range of quality, Australian made solar hot water systems at very competetive prices. With the current availability of Federal and State government rebates combined with the applicable Renewable Engergy Certificates (REC’s), you could have a new solar hot water system for your home for less then the cost of replacing your old technology, standard mains pressure hot water unit.

Why Solar Hot Water?

Do you like the idea of saving money on your electricity bill? Not only that, do you like the idea of saving money on your electricity bill year after year?

With solar hot water, you can:

Cut your energy bills. According to the Australian Government, a solar hot water system can save $300-$700 every year off electricity bills Reduce your greenhouse gas emissions. Australian Government figures show that water heating is the largest single source of greenhouse gas emissions from the average Australian home, accounting for around 28% of home energy use, excluding the family car Have hot water on tap all year round, even if the sun isn’t shining, with a solar hot water system that is electric or gas boosted Use the sun’s energy to warm the water in your hot water storage tank, so you will use less energy heating it up Take advantage of government rebates – there’s never been a better time to install a solar hot water system

Choice Magazine has the following to say:

There are two good reasons for choosing a solar or heap pump hot-water system.

They’re more environmentally friendly than electric systems, because they use much less electricity (possibly none at all, depending on the system) and therefore generate much less carbon dioxide (CO2). Gas hot-water systems are generally more environmentally friendly than electric, but even these can be outshone by a good solar system. Your hot-water system accounts for a large part of your household energy bill. A solar or heat pump hot-water system can eliminate much of this cost, so you can save money in the long run. However, even with the rebates factored in, the high initial cost of installation (compared with many traditional systems) means it will usually take several years for a solar or heat pump system to pay for itself.

Are there any solar hot water rebates still available?

Unfortunately there are no longer any rebates available from either the Federal or Queensland State Governments for the installation of Solar Hot Water sytems. The only concession available now when installing Solar Hot water systems are the Renewable Energy Certificates (REC’s).

What is an REC?

Each solar hot water system receives a set amount of REC’s. You can sell them to electricity retailers who use them to comply with the Mandatory Renewable Energy Target. The number of REC’s you will receive depends on the system you purchase. More efficient systems normally attract a higher number of REC’s. Prices for REC’s vary daily but as an example if the Solar Hot Water system you purchase attracts 30 REC’s and the current price of each REC is $24.00 you will receive a $720.00 point of sale discount.

How Much Will I save on Electricity?

How much you save on electricity depends on the amount of hot water you use and how efficient your solar hot water system produces hot water. According to the Department of Environment and Water Resources, it is between $300-$700 each year that you save on electricity. This equates to a saving of $25-$58 per month.

Depending on where you live, your solar hot water system contributes most of your hot water needs for free. State governments have undertaken research to determine what percentage of hot water we can get for free from the sun – in Queensland that figure has been determined as 85% whereas NSW is determined to be between 65-80%. Just that in itself should be enough to seriously consider switching to energy effiicient, clean technology solar hot water.

How long does a solar hot water system last?

No one can give an exact estimate of how long a solar water heater lasts. Just the same as for any other technical appliance.

However, here is what the Evironmental Protection Agency says about solar water heater life spans:

” A solar hot water system normally lasts 15 to 20 years, which is double the life of an electric system. They are a well-proven product and have experienced substantial development over the past decade, with newer models expected to last even longer”

According to Sue Roaf, Author of ‘The Ecohouse 2 – A Design Guide’ (Arichitectural Press, 2003) writes:

” A good liquid solar collector should have a life expectancy of 20-30 years. Most of the collectors built since 1980 are manufactured with materials that should give a 30-50 year lifespan”

What follows is that the tank might need replacement before the collectors. As they are two separate pieces only connected by plumbing, it is quite simple to do that.

Which solar hot water brands do you use?

The Plumbing Doctor (Queensland) recommends and installs Rheem solar hot water units. Rheem is the name trusted by the experts to provide reliable, efficient water heating in every domestic and commercial application. Trust based on over 60 years of experience and expertise. Rheem offers a big range of high quality gas, electric, or solar fuelled water heaters and has a well deserved reputation for the most extensive and professional sales network.

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