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Hot Water Replacement Services on the Gold Coast

The Plumbing Doctor (Queensland) recommends Rheem Electric Hot Water Systems for all your hot water requirements.

Rheem manufactured it’s first hot water unit way back in 1939 and has since grown to become Australia’s largest supplier of hot water systems.

There is an unequalled network of experienced Rheem service agents across the country. No matter where you are in Australia there is expert advice available to ensure that you get the Rheem solution this is right for you.

In our experience it pays to safe guard your assets knowing you have a quality product built and made for Australian conditions. Click on the Rheem logo above to be taken to the Rheem home page where you will find information on their full range of mains pressure, solar and heat pump units.

Of course The Plumbing Doctor Queensland is able to offer other brands of hot water service including Dux, Thermann and Aquamax. Give us a call or send in the enquiry form below and we would be more than happy to advise you on the correct installation for you home.

Hints and Tips for getting the most out of your Hot Water Service:

We find that the average electric storage hot water cylinder lasts about 12 years. There are various warranties on hot water cylinders ranging from 5 to 7 years dependant on the unit you are purchasing. This warranty applies to the cylinder only. The manufacturers warranty on the valves and electrical components (thermostat and element) is 12 months.

Pressure and Temperature Relief Valve (PTR)

The PTR valve is the valve located about three quarters the way up the hot water cylinder and has a little lever handle on it. The PTR valve is designed to relieve pressure on the inside of the cylinder, particularly during the heating cycle (e.g. after somebody has had a shower or you have run the dishwasher). The valve is will leak a small amount of water throughout the day but if you notice that it is constantly running it usually indicates that it requires replacement.

You can prolong the life of the PTR valve by clearing it every six months or so. Gently lift the little lever and hot water will run out of the relief line. Flush the valve for 15 seconds and then gently release the lever and the water should stop running. Be careful when you do this as the water will be hot.

No Hot Water

If you suddenly find that your hot water system is no longer producing hot water there are a number of possible reasons. Check in your power box to make sure that the hot water circuit hasn’t tripped. This will usually be a separate circuit and will be labelled hot water service. If it has tripped it may be a problem with either the thermostat or the element in the hot water unit. Call The Plumbing Doctor (Queensland) straight away to arrange for one of our technicians to attend and test/replace the thermostat and/or element as necessary. Please don’t try to replace the electrics yourself and put yourself at risk of serious injury or worse.

Leaking Hot Water

Your hot water cylinder should not leak. Apart from the PTR valve which we discussed earlier, it is a sealed unit and water appearing anywhere else is the sign of a problem. The most common scenario is for the hot water cylinder to leak from the top of bottom. This normally indicates that the cylinder has corroded through and is beyond repair, unfortunately.

If the cylinder is leaking, turn off the water supply. There will be a valve with more than likely a black knob on the pipe closest to the bottom of the tank. Turn the knob fully off in a clockwise direction. This should also slow the leak from the tank as the pressure will drop due to the fact that you have cut the water supply off. Then, go to your power box and turn off the circuit labelled ‘hot water service’. This will stop the unit from trying to heat water that is leaking out.

Give us a call straight away and will be delighted to get you back in to hot water in a flash!

Reddish Water coming out of your Hot Water System

Red tinted water coming out of your hot water system indicates that the internal cylinder is rusting out. There is no type of repair for this problem and, unfortunately, it will keep getting worse until cylinder finally rusts through and starts leaking. It is a good idea to investigate replacing the hot water unit before it reaches the leaking stage and can start to cause damage, particularly if it is inside.

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