How do you stop water continually running in to the toilet bowl?


Several things cause the toilet to “keep running.” Either the flap in the bottom of the tank isn’t sealing shut. When you push the button, a lever connects an arm on the handle to the flap on the bottom of the cistern. The flap opens letting the water in the cistern to run through the bowl. After the cistern is empty, the flap should seal off the bottom of the cistern and let it refill. Also, the float valve can fail. When the cistern refills there is a float mechanism that is supposed to shut the water off when it gets to a certain level. If the float is out of adjustment or doesn’t work any longer, there is an overflow tube where the water in the cistern will overflow into the tube and down to the bowl. If the cistern is full and won’t stop running, check for adjustment on the float mechanism.

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