Aquatrip Leak Detection System

After 11 years providing plumbing repairs and maintenance services to the Gold Coast and surrounding regions we have found that the plumbing faults and leaks that cause the most inconvenience in terms of property damage and dollar costs to our customers which of course can be solved with AquaTrip.

Sometimes you don’t even know you have a leak in pipe or joint until you receive your water bill and find you have been charged hundreds and hundreds of dollars for excess water charges. We have had cases where property owners have received excess water charges in the vicinity of $5,000 dollars. This becomes even more possible in rental properties where tenants may not be as diligent in reporting possible leaking pipes as they should be. In the end, the owner is going to have to foot the bill and nobody likes paying for excess water considering how much the cost of this precious resource has risen in the last few years (and you can be assured that water is only going to become more expensive in the coming years).

If the leaking pipe is unseen, in the ground, there should be very little damage to property. Now consider the scenario that you have worked very hard all year and you lock your house up in December and head off on your well earned two or three week break. You have cancelled the newspaper subscription, organised someone to collect the mail and put the pets into boarding. Inside your house there may well be a number of flexible connections under your sinks or basins, maybe your hot water service is located inside in your laundry or in a hall cupboard. We have even had cases of rats chewing through poly pipes running through the ceiling.

We are not trying to scare you, it can happen and it certainly does. Can you imagine coming home to a pipe inside your house that has been leaking for even a few hours let alone a few weeks? Water running across a plasterboard ceiling will eventually collapse that ceiling. Carpets and floor coverings will be damaged and cupboards will waterlog and swell. Whilst your insurance company may cover some of the damage they are not going to cover you for the emotional distress of coming home to find your house flooded and possessions damaged or destroyed.

Not only is AquaTrip leak detection system detect leaks it will automatically shut off your water supply should one be detected. The AT300 and AT400 series can be connected to your water meter to provide water consumption and even cost information. The features and benefits of AquaTrip leak detection system include:

Detects leaks – Leak sensor detects leaks and burst pipes as they appear. Stops wastage – Once a leak is detected the water is automatically shut off to minimise the water wasted.

Minimises damage – By detecting a leak early and shutting off the water, property damage is minimised Reduces bills – By reducing wastage, money is saved by consumers and by water supply authorities Displays consumption* – Directly informs users as to how much water they are using and its cost Sets consumption targets* – Users can set consumption targets and will receive a warning alarm when these limits are reached Home and Away mode* – with one touch, users can turn off their mains water supply when their property is unoccupied.

Increased awareness – Increasing consumer awareness reduces water waste, promotes conservation and sustainability

Programmable versatility – Can be programmed to work in most environments with no interference to normal water use.

Quality built to last – Tested and approved to Watermark Certification 23031 and Australian Standard 52000.0030

*Optional or selectable feature available on certain models.

It would take a mountain of web pages to explain and demonstrate all the features and benefits of the AquaTrip. Ask yourself if you can really afford not to have one installed at your home or business? You could cover the cost of installation with one burst pipe detected.

The Plumbing Doctor (Queensland) is proud to be associated with the AquaTrip leak detection system in offering this important water saving innovation to the Gold Coast and surrounding region. Make sure you call today on (07) 5530 6333 to find out more on how the AquaTrip leak detection system can benefit you and your hip pocket!

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