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Burst Pipes

It happens all too often, going to work, on a holiday, sometimes when your at home. Unfortunately over time, pipes start to wear out. the most common reason for a house to flood is from a burst flexible hose which is usually found under the kitchen sink, on the bathroom taps, or on the toilet. These flexible pipes need to be checked every now and then to ensure they have not started to break down. On the Gold Coast, poly pipe is also used inside. It doesn’t happen often, though pipes that arn’t clipped properly can rub and cause a hole in behind the wall. If this happens, call us on (07) 5530 6333. With a plumber available at all times, let us take care of the job.

Aqua Trip

A burst pipe is not desirable, so at The Plumbing Doctor we have found a solution to prevent future flood damage. By having us install the Aqua Trip, future excess water bills, a flooded home, or office can be prevented. The Aqua Trip will sense if there is a leak, and shut off the water immediately preventing large amounts of damage. To learn more about the Aqua Trip, Click Here, or call us today on (07) 5530 6333 and ask about having one installed at your home.

Have you recieved an excess water bill?

You could have a water leak, and not know. Call and have one of our professionals check it out then to keep loosing water and wasting money. Finding burst leaks can sometimes take some time. We work along side the best leak locator on the Gold Coast, who is able to find leaks that are deep into the ground. If you are unsure whether or not you have a water leak, Call today, and speak to an expert on (07) 5530 6333.

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